Super Grip Safety Lock

We travel a lot, and safety is always on our minds. When we’re travelling we usually stay in local AirBnB’s. While I would always want to think the best of people, I don’t know who has a key to that door, and I don’t sleep easy when worried about my security. At hotels you have the additional internal locks that most residential B&B’s lack.


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A friend mentioned the Super Grip Lock to me when I told her I hated being home alone at night when Benny is out of town. Her friend had given her one, after she’d moved to a new apartment and was pushing a stack of cases of water in front of the door to keep potential intruders out. (Maybe not the most effective, but made her feel safer!)

It’s super simple to use, just slip it over the knob, then over the lock, and viola! Snug as a bug in a rug! I use it at home when my husband is out of town, and we ALWAYS take it with us when travelling. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, and a solid investment at about $14.

Or as little as $11 each when you buy a pack of three. These make great gifts for college students, people living alone, travelers, and anyone wanting a little extra security.

      Super Grip Lock                     Super Grip Lock 3 Pack


Safe Travels!

Glitchy Panda Xx


Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried it! Do you like it? Would you recommend it to a friend?



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