Cash Back without scanning receipts!

Use the DOSH App to effortlessly start earning cash back

The Cash Back Side Hustle

I love love love cash back apps! Ibotta, Checkout51 and SavingStar have all gotten me a tidy sum in the last few months! We are working the side hustles to achieve our goals, baby! I have made over $200 in 2 months by simply using these cash back sites. This is just actually CASH coming back to me. When I count up savings with Target and Safeway apps, as well as digital and print coupons, I have SAVED almost $500 in the last 2 months, AND I have a healthy pantry. Read my post here if you’re just starting with cash back apps!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only ever promote things we use and believe in.

I am still astonished that I can make money on my grocery shopping. While I do enjoy using these apps, they are dependent on using an in-network store, such as Target, Safeway, Walmart, Fred Meyer. I do shop all of these stores, but I also am a huge fan of Grocery Outlet, which isn’t offered on your most popular cashback apps.

Discount Shopping vs. Cash Back Optimizing

Obviously, you want to maximize the amount of money coming back to you on these apps. I do this in a couple different ways.

1. By selecting items that we would purchase anyways, but perhaps in a different brand.
2. By choosing to purchase some thing that I wouldn’t have, but have a need for.
3. By stacking coupons, offers and cash back returns.

What you DON’T want to do is buy things you don’t need, simply for the rewards. Remember to always be smart and frugal with your money, this is the best way acheive to your goals.

Grocery Outlet offers the best prices BY FAR, and while you can find everything there, you can find a lot, and the savings are incredible! (I spent $103, saved $109 the other day, and trust me, it would have been WELL over $200 at Safeway) They also offer tons of organic and healthy options, as well as non dairy milks, all of which can be expensive. This was still my go-to weekly shop, but I was bummed when I couldn’t use Ibotta, or get any additional back.

Why DOSH is different

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Grocery Outlet offers 3% cash back when you use a linked card on the Dosh app! The best part is, that I don’t even have to select anything or scan receipts when I got home. I just make sure to run my card as “credit” and a few days later I get a notification that I’ve earned cash back. In only 3 trips (I’ve had the app nearly a month) I had saved $9.42.


Keep earning, keep saving, keep dreaming!!

EDIT 5/24: I am up to $20 already, just by shopping at my discount store, score!


Glitchy Panda Xx

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