The importance of Pinterest “Followers” (spoiler alert: they matter again!)

We’ve talked before about how Pinterest is constantly changing…

Well, it happened again, and we’re not mad about it! 

When Pinterest first started, you saw pins pretty much exclusively from the people you followed.

It was interesting to see what your friends were into, but wasn’t necessarily tailored to your interests. Also, sometimes a friend would go crazy and pin 100 pins about a dinosaur party, or kale, or wedding cakes, and you’d thumb through and think “I don’t care about any of this.” It was also a great way to know what new diet trend they started Holy Keto Feed Batman!

Over time Pinterest has changed (time and time again) striving to bring you the best possible experience, and grow with the ever changing times. They brought us a customized feed, which was great for browsing and exploring, and really suited your personal interests. This was good news for individuals, less so for businesses.


Essentially, your followers no longer mattered. For bloggers with large followings, it was met with a fair amount of frustration, as we weren’t able to pin directly to our followers feeds. We were told that a high amount of followers was only for vanity, and to not waste our time acquiring more. (Luckily I never listened and kept on adding like-minded followers!)

This ushered in the age of SEO (search engine optimization), rich pins and ensuring that you had proper keywords. Having these tags and descriptions was the only way to ensure the search algorithm would grab your pin, and really get your message or product out there to be seen.

This was not a bad thing. I think we can all agree that clicking on a pin and having a broken or a wrong link is super annoying. Having rich pins makes for a better experience for us all. We just want the best of both worlds, which Pinterest has decided to deliver.


Follower’s Matter! (again)

Pinterest has made some significant changes lately, most notably:

Bringing back the follower’s feed! WHOO HOO!

This is in addition to your “smart feed” which still pops up when you first log in to your Pinterest account. We now have a follower’s button that will change the feed to pins from your personal followers.

This is amazing news for bloggers and eCommerce sites, as you finally get your intended audience back! Not only that, but your pins will be shared more than once.

Pinterest has announced that they will start by sharing your pins with your followers first. They will do this to test how well they perform, and then to the general public.

Pinterest strives to share quality pins from quality pinners. With this update we bloggers are given an opportunity to deliver those quality pins, and to a targeted audience. Yay!

This is a massive victory for online businesses who use Pinterest!

How do I find these active and engaged followers?

Now is the time to look at your analytics, see who’s engaged, and what’s trending. Let me repeat that, because it’s important: Look at your number of engaged followers, as they are the ones who will drive your pins and ultimately, traffic to your site.

To find more active followers I look at adding recent follows from Pinners are similar to my own. Pinterest does a great job of letting me know about new follows through their notifications. I simply add them from my notifications section.

By doing this, I know that they are currently active, and have interests similar to what I am pinning. I like to add a minimum of 20 people per day, and usually get about 5 people that follow back. On days where I have extra time and add hundreds, that number definitely increases. It’s up to you, and how quickly you want to grow your blog, brand or business, and how much time you want to invest.

Another tactic that I use is searching for Pinners and Boards that are in line with your niche. I look for Pinners with a lot of followers, then I start adding people from their follower’s list. These are people who are highly likely to follow back, and be into your pins.

I cannot stress this enough: Join group boards, and invite those with similar interests to collaborate on yours. This increases your audience by A LOT! (Obviously it varies by group board) It also ensures that the board will stay active, with multiple collaborators.

Make sure that you pin every day. I personally strive for 50-100 pins when I can. I used to pin 20-30, and saw a HUGE increase in followers and engagement when I stepped it up.

Sound like a lot of work?? Don’t worry, there are tools to make this easy peasy!

Board Booster and Tail Wind Tribes for the win.

I love that with these tools I can master Pinterest without spending TONS of time or energy.

With Tailwind Tribes I get my pins out at the perfect time of day, and to new audiences, who aren’t my personal followers on Pinterest) It allows me to mass pin quickly, then disperses at perfect times, to avoid spamming with staying on all day. Tailwind is so cool, they even have a recent blog post about how to gain followers, read here.

BoardBooster is a live saver, it has so many options, such as: looping pins (make sure that older, popular pins get replayed), cleaning up your boards, and scheduling posting campaigns, to again, make it hands free for you.

Another great way to get those engaged followers is to make sure that you have your Pinterest link on all of your posts, and all of your platforms. You can link back to relevant boards, promote your pins, or simply have a Follow Me button. This is a sure-fire way to get your pins in front of your best audience.

Are you excited about the “Followers” button and getting your audience back??

What are your best methods for getting more engaged followers?

Share so we can learn and earn together!

Happy Pinning,
Glitchy Panda Xx

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4 thoughts on “The importance of Pinterest “Followers” (spoiler alert: they matter again!)

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  2. You are correct, still a headache! I will have to try PinPinterest, because what I dislike about Tailwind is that I have to switch back and forth between my multiple Pinterest accounts. Thanks for the tip Monica!


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