Slim Down and Get Paid? An honest review of diet bets

Betting on myself

Having recently adopted a healthier, whole food and plant-based lifestyle, I was feeling great.  After years of apathy I was ready to put some effort into self-care and slimming down.

One night, on my quest to source passive income streams I saw a Pin about getting paid to lose weight. I have ALWAYS wanted someone to pay me to lose weight!

I read several people’s stories of losing weight and getting big payouts with the  Healthy Wage Challenge . I was intrigued.

I went to the Healthy Wage site, and started playing with their payout calculator . I had a lot of fun trying to see how high I could reasonably get it.

Healthy Wage Challenge

I worked out that if I lost the 40 pounds I need to lose, in 6 months (which seemed do-able) I could win over $1554!!

What’s the catch you ask? Well, this is a BET, not a charity. I bet $100 per month for 6 months, so my potential profit is nearly $1000.

I started with  Diet Bet a little over a month ago now, a few days after I started my 6 month bet with Healthy Wage.

I made a big commitment with Healthy Wage, that I would lose 40 pounds in 6 months. I bet $600 ($100 per month) that I could do it. Frankly, that is a LOT of money!

As much as I want to be up $1000, I also definitely do NOT want to have blown $600 either, so really it’s doubly motivating.

So far, so good! They have many progress stats on the app that update when you weigh in. They let you know if you are “On Track”, % of weight lost, % to your goal, pounds left to lose, etc. There is also a short diary entry you can make when you weigh in that  helps you monitor your habits over time

My favorite weight loss apps!!

These 3 apps right here are my JAM!! They keep me motivated daily to keep at it, and weigh in regularly to stay on track!

Diet Bet results and winnings – Round One

Knowing that I may forget or lose interest over time, I looked into shorter term motivators. I have heard from a friend about Diet Bet, and decided to give it a shot, and come back to tell you all how it went.

I started with 3 Kickstarter Bets, in which you bet to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. I bet $25 on one, $30 on one, and a whopping $100 on the last one, as I was feeling very confident. I started plugging away at my weight loss, and made my goal within 2 and a half weeks!

Weight training and yoga in the flat for free indoor fitness!

Now listen carefully, because this is where I made a boo-boo and nearly lost $100!

I was doing 3 bets, and only remembered to weigh out for 2 of them! To be fair, they sent an email, and follow up, and I just completely forgot to do it between getting off work and falling asleep.

When I woke up and saw the notification “You did not meet your goal”, I was devastated. I wrote customer service an email, and they politely let me know that I had missed the deadline, and the rules are the rules…

Wagers & Payouts

Initial bets = $160

I will be honest, I was devastated, and I told the customer service rep as much. I very nicely asked if they could possibly extend some sort of grace period, as I had weighed out in the same time frame…

Luckily for me, they took pity on me and allowed me to be considered a “Runner Up” and not only got my $100 back (of COURSE it was the $100 bet I forgot to weigh out for!) they also gave me a profit of $5.76. Not bad, considering they were well within their rights to keep my money, I had screwed up.

I am incredibly grateful for the grace they showed me, and the incredible level of customer service given. I cannot speak highly enough about them.

Next round bets

I decided to roll my winnings into another rounds of bets. Remember, I am in a BIG Healthy Wage bet to win $1600 for losing 40 lbs by October, so I need to make sure I stay motivated with the small, month long bets.

PLUS as I keep losing and winning (sounds funny to say!), I keep adding to the pot! If I continue achieving my goals (which I fully plan to!) I will have about $2500 coming to me in October. Talk about INCENTIVE!!

Do YOU want to get paid to slim down?

This has been an amazing, motivating experience for me. I have always known HOW to lose weight, and starting a diet and exercise routine is easy.

For me it has always been keeping the motivation,  pushing past plateaus, set backs, and rough days. These apps provide me daily reminder and motivation to keep pushing towards greatness.

The other amazing thing about these apps is the supportive communities they each have. Every one of the people on that app are hustling and struggling right along with you, and the level of encouragement and support has been astounding.

Oddly (or not?) I find it so much easier to talk to this community of like minded “strangers” than my own friends and family about weight loss. I have never liked discussing my weight, which I’m sure is pretty common. Having this group of people to chat with, encourage and be supported by, (as much or as little as you like) with NO JUDGING has been maybe the best part of this whole experience for me.

If you’ve ever struggled with weight loss or motivation, and are motivated by cold, hard cash, I would definitely say to give it a try! Go to HealthyWage and just SEE what you could get for achieving your dreams.

If you want to join me on this incredible journey, sign up with my link and get $40 today!! Help me win $1,554 in my weight loss challenge, and get started on your own jackpot!

Click here to claim your $40!

If you’re wanting to test the waters, start smaller or only have a few pounds to lose,  think about giving Diet Bet a try.

Kickstarter Bets are 4% total weight loss in 4 weeks, which I personally found very easy to accomplish, and  made goal in 2.5 weeks.

However you DO have to maintain the weight loss and remember to weigh out in the correct time frame! (This is where I nearly lost $100!)

Check out Diet Bet

July Update:

I am halfway through my bet and only 7 pounds left to lose for my Diet Bet Transformer Challenge. I took my winnings into this 6 month bet, and got one month free for paying upfront, so $125.

This bet works a little differently, splitting the pot over each month for smaller payouts that accumulate, and a huge pot for the people who make it all the way to the end.

Super excited to see how much I earn (and lose!) overall! Will keep you posted! Cheers!

Look at the size of that final pot! Very excited to see what slice of that pie will end up mine! 👌🏻

Feeling confident enough to be out in my swimsuit without a wrap!

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