Six Ways to Build Your Audience & Drive Blog Traffic

Effective use of Free Social Media to Drive Traffic

Instagram is one of the most checked social media platforms which means it’s a perfect tool to for your blog and business. We also recommend utilizing Pinterest. It is another free platform that acts as a search engine, so if you have good keywords and descriptions your content will be seen. The concept of Pinterest is to pin things you find interesting, so if you find your target audience they will help you by repinning your content, which will link back to you.

We all know that Instagram is a great Social Media Marketing Tool, but are you using it effectively?

Drive free traffic with Instagram

What Can Instagram do for You?

 Instagram is best used to develop a strong and consistent brand. Consider choosing a color theme and style that is easily recognizable. This a great opportunity to brand yourself! When posting pictures try to visualize what they will look like on your feed. Some people will stick to a particular color palette or filter to keep their feed looking cohesive. On our Instagram we like to group similar color and design families together in groups of three. This gives us a colorful and eclectic look while remaining cohesive and pleasing to the eye. This is their first introduction to WHO YOU ARE, so make good first impression.

Check out the complete list of 6 Ways to Drive Free Traffic at our new site Goldilocks Effect where we help you find that “just right” fit. From decor to travel, gift-giving to making money online, Goldilocks Effect has it all.

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