Top 10 Ways to (actually) Make Money From Home

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Making money from home is something most of us are interested in. With the economy the way it is, and housing costs so high, most people are looking for additional sources of income. Working a full time job requires many of us to seek passive income, or sources of additional funds that take little time.

This post contains affiliate links, for which we may earn a small commission. We only ever promote companies and products that we personally use and believe in.

List below with our best money making and saving apps to get you $50 FREE today!

At the start of the year we set out to find passive income streams that we could get set up. We were looking for little to no investment ideas that didn’t involve direct sales or multi-level marketing. Not only did we want passive income, but we were also looking for ways to become more frugal and spend less on necessities, thus pocketing (or investing) more of our income.

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Absolutely FREE! $50 — PLUS a free stock and free bitcoin!

BONUS: $100 for a little more effort

HealthyWager- $40 free at sign up! Get paid to lose weight!

Coinbase- $10 when you buy or sell $100 in cryptocurrency

Get $50 with fee-free banking with Chime

Make the switch to the bank account that has your back and they’ll give you $50 when you sign up and get payroll direct deposit

Better (FREE) Banking with Chime  No fees. Ever.

Save hundreds in bank fees! 100% free bank like Chime which does more than any other bank when it comes to helping its customers save. Open a Chime account today for 100% fee-free banking. No fees, ever.

No overdraft. No minimum balance. No monthly service fees. No foreign transaction fees. No transfer fees. Plus, over 38,000 free ATMs nationwide.

With Chime direct deposit you can get your money up to 2 days before payday! Ka-ching!

Making money from your laptop

After nearly a year of researching and hustling (while working full time) I have compiled my favorite ways of making money from home.

I have broken them down into categories and only provided you with what worked for us. (MLM, direct sales, doing surveys & drop shipping were all considered &/or tried and quickly abandoned…but that’s just us, do what works for you!)

Affiliate Marketing

We love affiliate marketing because it can be truly hands off and “passive” once you get some things set up. There is no peer-to-peer selling, things to buy or even much interaction.

To affiliate market you need a platform, such as a blog, or simply via social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. Typically you will be providing an honest review of the item, or simply showing it off and enticing others to buy.

Affiliate marketing can be done from anywhere, and requires as much or as little time as you desire. For someone who works full time and wanted to find ways to set up passive income streams, this was an obvious choice for us.

The Amazon Associates program allows its members to earn a commission when a shopper buys a product through a special tracking link. The percentage varies by category, but it is usually around five percent. The best part about Amazon is that once they click on your link, you get a commission on everything they purchase.

Whatever your blog is about, I am sure you will be able to find products on the Amazon marketplace that you can sell to your readers.

Think of any niche (blog topic) and type it into the Amazon search bar. Hundreds if not thousands of products show up in a few seconds and you can sell anything on there.

Every product, every book, every software, every little thing can be sold as an affiliate. Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is simple and free, click here to sign up. This is the top-selling book on becoming an Amazon Affiliate, is a steal at $2.99, it also includes FREE bonus Keyword packages that are worth more than $1000.

Send Owl Affiliate Program

I was completely new to affiliate marketing in January 2018. The ebook that started my affiliate marketing journey to passive income was How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours by Elise McDowell.

It taught me everything I needed to know to get my first sale that very weekend! She not only walks you through the process, but provides you with amazing free apps and platforms, and literally shows you how to quickly get affiliate sales rolling in. If you are new to the game, and ready to get profitable as an affiliate marketer I highly recommend the $25 investment.

My personal favorite site is It is a fantastic program, but I may be a little biased, as how I was personally able to monetize for the very first time. How did I make my first sale? Selling the very ebook that taught me how to do it! (See what they did there? Wicked smaaart.)

You can be an affiliate for nearly everything, and there are TONS of programs out there, here’s a few of the top  programs: 
-Comission Junction
-Share a Sale
-Google Affiliate
-Click Bank

Cash Back Apps & Grocery Savings

We include these apps because we have saved sooooo much this year, over $1200! For us, that’s enough for 2 round trip tickets to England to see family, which is truly priceless.

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This is an amazing app that gives you cash back for grocery purchases. What I love about that it that you would already be having to buy  groceries! You do have to scan your receipts and sometimes the product, but I actually LOVE seeing how much I “made” each trip!

We are always looking for good deals and ways to cut back on grocery expenses. Ibotta has deals by store, and once you buy them you receive cash back. Several times we were able to get free or nearly-free items. We are still using the 6 free shaving creams and 20 free toothpastes we stock piled in January!

So far this year I have earned $658 (in ten months)!  We were then able to invest in our Stash app and made even more money on it, and added to our portfolio. Totally worth the time for us, we are always looking for ways to add to our investments 🙂

Click here for a FREE $10 to get started with Ibotta


Ebates is a fantastic cash back site that has been around for YEARS. If you aren’t taking advantage of it, you’re missing out. They offer cash back opportunities on thousands of online retailers, and over the years we have received close to $1000 cash back!

My husband buys and sells on ebay, so we make a percentage off each sale (which adds up!) as well as travel bookings, sneakers, our lawn mower and washer & dryer (Sears), pretty much anything you can buy online. You can install the ebates extension and simply click it before all online purchases.

I just purchased new contacts and glasses for the year, both with my HSA (Health Spending Acct) and was pleasantly surprised to find offers for both! 4% cash back plus $20 rebate on 1800contacts through ebates. I am also getting 10% cash back on my Warby Parker purchase ($12) through Ibotta, I am so glad I checked my sites before completing these purchases! This is essentially $25 cash back on purchases I HAD to make, and while using my tax-free HSA dollars. Feels good to be frugal! $$$

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta, but with a many different products. They they offer cash back on everyday items like bread, eggs, cheese, jams & pasta sauces of any brand, which is AMAZING! (Because I don’t really like being told what brand to buy!:)

I like having the second option when I know I need something, and it’s not on Ibotta (I’m obsessed with this new hobby!) In the year I’ve been using Checkout 51 I have made nearly $400!

Click here for $5 to get you started with Checkout 51


The way the Dosh app works is pretty simple. You link your credit card and then when you shop at its participating stores they’ll give you cash back, typically somewhere between 3-10%.

With most other programs you have to put in some work. You must select a cashback offer at a store before you shop, and scan your receipts, (and select items) when you get home. With Dosh you automatically opt-in to every cash back opportunity on Dosh when you sign up. So,once you’ve linked your card(s), your work is done. You just do your everyday shopping, and reap the rewards.

Within the app, you can see places near you where you can earn cash back as well as places online you can shop and earn cash back. It includes brick and mortar stores in your area (they offer 5% back at our local 8-bit Arcade Bar, which my husband was stoked about) as well as online offers and travel. Over $100 cash back so far, money coming back to me like magic!

Grab your $5 now. Start earning cash back the easiest way, and watch that $$ stack up!


On Shopkick I have actually only bought ONE item! They are unique in that they will give you “Kicks” (essentially pennies) for all sorts of things that don’t even involve a purchase. Some stores will give you 50 cents just for walking in!

They also offer Kicks for scanning items while in certain stores, and usually offer a few dollars cash back if you actually buy the item. 

I have made $52 in 10 months, and literally only bought one item from their offers. I love any app that will pay me for walking into a store! We turned this into two $25 Amazon Giftcards that we are going to give as Christmas gifts, saving on our Holiday Budget!

Click here for bonus “kicks” towards your free giftcards

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Lose weight & get paid

Like many of us, I have a few pounds to lose. While I know HOW to eat right and exercise, my problem has always been will power.I lack the motivation to stick to it.

I used to be so jealous of Biggest Loser contestants getting money to lose weight, then I found out, that’s actually a thing!

Healthy Wager

Healthy Wager is similar to Diet Bet, except you out in your weight, goal weight and time you want to do it in, plus how much you want to bet, and they pay you if you make it! I bet $100/mo for 6 months that I could lose 40 pounds in that time frame. It’s coming down to the wire, but I’m kicking it into gear and on track to get $1554, nearly a $1000 winning!! the thing I like the most is that you set your own goal, and decide how much you want to make! Give it a try, see what you could stand to make!! (and lose!)

Sign up with this link and get $40!!  How’s that for extra incentive?!

Diet Bet

I love Diet Bet because they are small, attainable goals and typically only a $10-35 bet. They have 30 day games and 6 months games to choose from. I have won over $300 from small games and just ended my 6 month game and won $273 on a $125 bet! ($25/mo with a free month if paid in full. I used my winning from small games to play this one, so on an original out lay of about $120 I have won $500, a profit of nearly $400 in 8 months, PLUS I made my goal weight! Guys, I can’t even tell you how good it feels to be paid for making my personal weight loss goal, INCREDIBLE!!



Investment Apps

Start saving for your future with small amounts that add up! One free stock plus $5 to get you started on Stash and Robinhood today!


Stash allows you to buy fractional shares of stocks and build your own portfolio. In 6 months I have “Stashed” over $800 that would have been spent on eating out and buying things that we don’t really need. We have a nice little nest egg started, and it’s great that we can choose stocks and bonds that we believe in, such as clean energy and block chain technology. Click here for $5 to get started


Robinhood is similar to Stash, however with Robinhood you are buying and selling whole shares. With this link they will give you one free share (I got Ford and my husband got Sprint) I have been buying more shares as the market is low, and it’s a good time to buy.

Robinhood also just started offering cryptocurrency, which is a great way to get you feet wet buying, without wasting money on all the fees.


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Crypto currency has gotten a bad wrap, but very well could be the currency of the future. Time’s are changing rapidly, we are living in unprecedented times. Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. The amazing thing about blockchain that it all transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

The idea was born out of the Occupy Wall St. Movement and the idea that we should own our own money, because the banks won’t be there for you. Again, this is something that WE believe in, but may not be of interest to you. 


With Free you get a free roll to earn free satoshis (portions of bitcoin) each hour. In addition to that they offer 4.08% interest on any BTC held with them, which is far higher than most banks will offer. You can wager your free satoshis for lottery tickets, play the slots or even encash them when you reach enough. Start earning FREE BITCOIN now!


Coinbase is a great platform for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, especially if you are just getting started. My husband has taught himself crypto day-trading through Youtube videos, blogs and tons of books & research, and is making quite a bit of money doing it.

I have also gotten the crypto bug, and when he asked what “small things” I wanted for Christmas this year, I responded with “Litecoin, Ethereum & Monero?” I love holding coins that could go 10x, 50x or even more. Imagine if you had bought Bitcoin back in the day for 20 cents each. Even in today’s “Bear market” prices, your profit would be astronomical! If you had only spent $2 and bought 10 you’d be sitting on $40,000. If you were smart and sold them when they peaked at $20k, you’d have had $200,000. And that on $2. Two bucks. Imagine if you’d gambled $100, you’d be a millionaire.

When I think of the relatively small gamble it is today, versus the potential future payout, it’s a no-brainer. Again, this is my personal belief, and you may think it’s rubbish, but we believe in the blockchain technology, and that it is a solid investment in our future.


Are you being smart with your money? Overdraft charges at the worst times… ATM fees got you down? 
Consider joining a 100% free bank like Chime which does more than practically any bank when it comes to helping its customers save.
Unlike traditional banks, Chime operates fully online and doesn’t have any physical branches. That means something amazing, that they are able to offer 100% fee-free banking.

No hidden fees. Ever.

No overdraft. No minimum balance. No monthly service fees. No foreign transaction fees. No transfer fees. Plus, over 38,000 free ATMs nationwide.

Let me say that again: NO OVERDRAFT FEES! No service fees! Whoo hoo! 
No International fees! We do a fair amount of travelling and overseas purchases for family across the pond. Let me tell you, those fees add up!

Chime’s “Automatic Savings” feature saves you money by rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar and then transferring the change to your Savings Account. It’s a crazy simple way to save.
Best part? You can also get your paycheck two days early when getting paid via direct deposit. If you’re counting pennies at the end of the week, those 2 days mean the world!
No need to get up from what you’re doing, or visit a branch. Stop paying those crazy bank fees today!

What are your favorite money making and saving tips and apps?? Share with us, we’re always looking for new ways to support our passive income lifestyle!

Cheers, Glitchy Panda Xx


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