How to get a discount on AirBnB

When you use Airbnb for the first time to book travel accommodation, you don’t have to pay full price. You can get an Airbnb discount coupon that in some places could even cover the cost of a night or two!

Airbnb has an AMAZING incentive for new users – if you sign up through an existing user, both get some credit in their account, to be used towards their bookings.

This Airbnb joining discount is available to all new users.

Why I recommend Airbnb


I use Airbnb a lot, because I love a good discount! About 8 years ago I was bragging to a friend about how we booked our Orlando Hotel for only $530 for the week. He scoffed and told me how his family of 8 had rented out a huge house with a pool, kitchen and all the amenities for less than we paid for our meager economy room.

I was floored, and couldn’t believe that I had been missing out so much on rentals. By always staying in hotels while traveling we were forced to eat out nearly every meal, or be stuck eating nutrigrain bars or vending machine food on our hotel bed.

It is SOOOOO nice to have the entire place to yourself and really feel at home. Having a kitchen is a HUGE plus for us, and a major cost savings on any trip.

User-friendly (and fun!) site

After you use it once or twice, you’ll be hooked. I am constantly looking up exotic destinations and seeing how cheap I can find cool places–$700 for a month on the coast in Mykonos, swoooon! It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use

The customer service is very professional

I was pleased with all of my bookings so far, even on the two unfortunate occasions where we had to cancel.

Anytime I have contacted Airbnb’s customer service I have received a quick and thoughtful, reply which tells me they care about their customers.3

Huge Selection!

In any city I’ve I searched Airbnb I got more than enough search results to let me select a vacation rental that was just what I wanted. They also have featured homes that are always gorgeous and completely worry-free. They truly have accommodations for any budget.


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