Glitchy Panda: Who we are and how we started

Welcome to Glitchy Panda, the site designed to help find or grow your side hustle, save  money, and  create passive income so that you can pursue the life you want to live.

We believe passionately that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and you should be able achieve your own personal dreams.

We are Benny and Jewel a married couple of 5 years. I’m Jewel, the writer, an American grown in the Pacific Northwest. My husband Benny is an adorable Englishman and semi recent transplant to the States.

We have a lot of family, all over the globe, including 7 nieces and nephews that we adore and spend as much time with as possible. We love coffee, cooking, travelling, treasure hunting, anything 80’s and the great outdoors.

We met online through the game Clash of Clans. We had both just gotten new Apple devices and were sucked into this game of stategy that included a global chat.

He was Glitchy, I was Panda. We drove our Clan member crazy by dominating the chat, inexplicably drawn to one another.

We moved our chats to messenger, and chatted ALL THE TIME. Like never slept ALL THE TIME. We were nervous but agreed to finally meet in person, so Benny came over for a visit.

We fell in love, got married two months later in Vegas and have been living in Washington State for the last 4 years. Benny has been patiently allowing me to climb the corporate ladder and being relocated mercilessly around the state.

We’ve enjoyed ourselves, time enjoying all the beautiful terrain the Pacific Northwest has to other, but we started to feel a overwhelming sense of wanderlust. We travelled to England, Iceland and Spain, while visiting Benny’s family, which was AMAZING! It was my first time out of North America and only intensified our desire to be able to work abroad and go experience all that Europe has to offer.

We began our journey to financial freedom in the summer of 2017. The current political climate really had us down, and we were longing for the warm beaches and tapas of our trip to Spain.

It was a desperate quest to quit our soul sucking day jobs and travel the world while living comfortably. We started. Full stop. We did a ton of research and got really excited and inspired, bought a few websites…but we didn’t really know how to get it off the ground, and surprise, we were relocated AGAIN!

As soon as we were settled in our new location we had Christmas and my Birthday, in which Benny completely spoiled me and bought me a new laptop for my business ventures. For New Year’s we decided to really evaluate what we were doing and where we wanted to be. Sure, we could continue the path that we were on, but to what end?

We were being forced to live in the Seattle area, which is prohibitively expensive, and ultimately the cost of living is more that we can live comfortably with. We both felt the call to take some time out to travel. Benny’s family is scattered across Europe and the UK and we thought it would be a dream to live on that side of the world for a while. Now all we needed was to find our ticket to freedom.

We are currently dabbling in many ventures, building up our online presence, and utilizing our skills to create passive incomes. It has been a lot of work, but there are soooo many ways to make money online guys!

From Affiliate Marketing, to Dropshipping, Google AdSense and utilizing Pinterest to it’s full potential–it’s almost overwhelming (but super exciting) how many possibilities are out there. We will share with you our experiences, and best tips to making money online, as well as how to travel cheaply and see the beautiful world we live in!

We are both driven and create in different was that (usually) compliment each other.

Benny has a background in music production, gaming, art and tech, with a passion for 80’s retro games and toys.

Jewel is a dreamer, entrepreneur, writer and photographer with a mind for the business end.

We make a great team, and are excited to realize our dreams, and share our insights with you along the way. Thank you for joining us on our journey, we hope that we can help you realize your dreams as well.

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